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To solve the question, the singer simply changed his passport and officially became Dima Bilan – as millions of his fans know him.Bilan spent his childhood in the Southern Russia, where he went to an ordinary music school and won several prizes for young talents, including an award for the “Young voices of Caucasus”.But he sadly died in September 2005, just one day before Bilan won the Best Russian Artist award at MTV Russia music awards (RMA). Now the singer boasts several RMA awards for the best song, best artist, best Russian act (having got which he not once represented Russia at MTV Europe awards), and dozens of various awards for best-selling albums, for his style, etc.Dima Bilan’s hobbies include collecting belts and taking pictures.It was one of Moscow's nights out with a concert of already popular musicians, and the future singer was so obsessed with the idea to become one of them, he was spinning around the producer, trying to attract his attention, singing.Having a professional sense and a practiced eye Aizenshpis at once saw a future pop star in the young man.Advertisers are not allowed to run annoying ads on RYM.

And after each of them premieres on TV, rumours about the singer’s relationship with a model, featured in the video, start spreading.

The album is created in the mood of light and sadness for the passing of time, sincere and cordial relations between people - so it was originally intended, it is woven from the moods, emotions and feelings.

It can be considered the final in a series of lyrical images of the artist".

Dima Bilan was born in Karachaevo-Cherkessia in Southern Russia. The difference between the real and stage name caused much of discussions during the past years, as some music organisations wanted to forbid the singer to perform under his stage name – Bilan – claiming their rights for it.

There have been several hearings in courts considering this name issue.

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And while some believed it (and then, according to those, the singer would have been married for about six times by now), others are more skeptical about the models, claiming Bilan to be obviously straight but secretly gay.

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