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For some, that has manifested itself in sexual addiction or using sex as a kind of rebellion toward God.

For others, it has resulted in a deep-seated shame that has caused us to separate ourselves from our sexuality to the point where it is something foreign or despicable.

The dating stage of life is like a pickle slice in your cheeseburger: a necessary evil you've got to tolerate before you can get to the better stuff below.

I hear a lot of gay Christians lament that dating is especially difficult for them. Is there something uniquely difficult—uniquely —about dating for gay Christians?

A new gay Christian matchmaking site has been officially launched today by truthsetsfree web site owner and preacher Justin R. The site enables gay Christians to upload a personal profile and search for other people in their area who might like to meet for Bible study, friendship or to form relationships.

To add insult to injury, we already knew most of them. Some are completely closeted, some are open only to their closest friends, and others are open books.

The unworthiness Constantino feels from treatment by his parents causes him to develop narratives about our relationship that aren't true.

We carry these wounds into relationship, and it serves no good for us to pretend they're not there.?

The person of your dreams may not live in your same state or country; you need to be thinking about what you're willing to sacrifice for the sake of relationship (and what you're not).

And if you still feel limited by your options, some of our friends have found wonderful partners who aren't Christian but who support and encourage their faith nonetheless.

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