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However, for the sack of having eye-sight enjoyment Megan Fox would be the choice~ LOLWhat do u think? Sister Vanilla – I can’t even work an excuse for this – but it’s family J&MC. I found out a couple days ago that I also have mono.Born in California in 1984, actress Sarah Roemer first gained the attention of moviegoers with a supporting part in the 2006 horror sequel The Grudge 2.

If the shark was jumped, I think for me, it was when I saw my precious summer time favorite session beer turned into an Imperial...... I'm probably just thinking out loud and my thoughts shouldn't have made it to the written page, but I was wondering, what do you think?

Not once but twice with a gap no longer than one month.

With the release of Transformers on 4th of July and the release of Disturbia on 28th of July, Shia Saide La Beouf has been partnered with 2 different hot chicks.(most importantly of all, both also as his girl friend) Such a lucky guy to partner with 2 hot celebs and moreover he also have intimacy contact with both of the actress in both movies! Well, frankly speaking he is not that handsome after all~("cute" would be a more appropriate term) Or perhaps the director simply want all the guys watching these movies to knock their heads toward the wall and ask "why him? Or maybe there's a great inspiration of moral value behind these; the director try to convey the fact that hot chicks or gorgeous girls not necessarily will fall onto macho and handsome guy only!

will review the pubs and taverns that please or displease his palate. J's beer selections are without borders, as beer from the United States and all around the world will be placed under the brewing microscope. Lately, though I seem to be getting tired of a trend that I see forming in the craft beer camp. It's a word that is popping up in front of more styles of beer than I can count.

I even enjoy all the different Imperial beers that have been served my way.

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