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I looked toward the sky and identified the misty grey color that seems to always appear before a snowstorm, and I took a deep breath in and mentioned that the air seems wet and cooler than usual.The barista then asked if I knew a lot about weather.Sandy expressed her concern that her mother, once a prolific artist, now a victim of depression and dementia, had not painted in a decade.Sandy suggested having a visit with Charlotte to see if Charlotte was interested in working with me.We not only painted together, but we also discussed techniques and critiqued each other’s works.Her critiques were sometimes harsher than mine, but I guess you can be a bit unfiltered when you are in your 90s!

On the weekends I painted the still lives, figures, and landscapes I love with her, which has helped me return to a similar subject matter in my own artwork and to inspire students to select the subject matter that is right for them.

When I started working with Charlotte, I thought my art would evolve to have a specific style.

But watching Charlotte create her art now, and comparing what she has done in past weeks, to 30 years ago when she was in her 60s, and even before that, has taught me that making art is a constantly evolving process, with no specific end point.

As a result, I created works that I neither understood nor valued.

During critiques, I disagreed with my peers’ interpretations of my work, but couldn’t offer a more accurate interpretation.

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